Your Weight Does Not Equal Your Worth


Im on a roll baby, on a roll! I had two more events to go to this week and even though I indulged, I worked really hard on not self-sabotaging myself the next day. I took a page from Dr. Beck and kept repeating to myself, “How do I want to feel tomorrow?” and it helped. I also adopted, “My weight does not equal my worth” as my mantra. I really try to say it every day, and most importantly in a moment of weakness. I really feel strong and can see that my mind is getting as strong as my body.

I have really upped my exercise game and I am running 6 miles at least two times a week. I signed up for three half marathons that are basically within four weeks of each other, so that should really keep me motivated. Plus, I believe Fatou is running two of them, so Ill get to see my FWG buddy. Im also addicted to Spinning and a class at Equinox called Whipped. I cant get enough of any of these activities. I love that I love to exercise and actually crave it!

I am trying not to focus so much on the scale (that hunk of metal, as I like to call it) and focus on how I am feeling. I have banned myself from doing a “scale hop” every day and its really hard, but I am doing it. For me getting on the scale and seeing a number higher or lower is not motivating. Im strange, I know. If I see a lower number its the ole, “Im doing great I can have a Big Mac,” and if I see a higher number its the ole, “Im worthless and will be chubby forever so let me have a Big Mac”. Its a lose, lose situation. Have a great week everyone!

Goals for this week:

    Be positive. No self-sabotaging. Erase any negative thoughts and replace them with positivity!!