The Camera Does a Body Good: How an Old Photo can Keep You on Track


A picture is worth a thousand words. Oh hell yeah! Just when I was about to indulge into some “party mix” at yet another party, my husband ripped out a picture from his locker at work (hes a FDNY Lieutenant/Fireman). It was a family picture from a few years back.

I was at my heaviest. This was the first time I saw the picture and needless to say, I was disgusted and shocked. I never saw myself that way; so heavy, uncomfortable in my own skin, and wearing a smile so fake. I carried the picture in my back pocket for the rest of the party – it was a great way to stop myself from going overboard.

It also helped to remember how I got there, from the mindless picking, ignoring my weight as it ballooned, and just not working at being happy. That picture will be with me for the rest of my journey – whether I hit my goal weight with this FGW program or not, I will carry that picture in my purse until I do. That being said, I also have to come to terms and not get discouraged by how much I need to lose, and really take it pound by pound.

As far as my week went, it was great. I ate really well. I indulged without the guilt, which is so major for me. For the first time in weeks, I didnt self-sabotage when I indulged in a snack. It actually felt good to not beat myself up and then go into a binge because I ate something not on my plan. I also exercised like a mad woman, and I truly hope the scale reflects my efforts. I will be disappointed if it doesnt but Ill have to deal. I will eventually get there.

For the last three weeks or so I have planned my dinners in advance and it has helped tremendously in planning my meals for the rest of the day. Ive already made dinner for tomorrow night and right now I have to run because I just realized my chicken sausage are probably bricks in the oven! Yikes! Have a great week everyone!

Goals for this week:

    Be positive. No self-sabotaging. Erase any negative thoughts and replace them with positivity!!