Remember to Give Credit When Credit is Deserved


A lady in my office the other day asked me, “Whats your secret?” She was pertaining to my weight loss! It was all very bizarre. My answer, of course, was the answer that people usually say: “Theres no secret, its just hard work.” And theres quite an emphasis on the hard part. I didnt sign up for this because I thought it would be easy.

Maybe I didnt expect it to be as hard as its become, especially with work and life and every other unpredictable thing thrown in ones direction. As I started listing off what Ive been doing, I began to realize maybe I havent been giving myself as much credit as I deserve.

Ive been working out at least three to four times a week on a very regular basis, but I feel the best when I have time for five. I think there have been two weeks where Ive only worked out twice a week, but I cant beat myself up over them. Ive drastically changed what I eat. No more muffins and processed junk from Starbucks at the airport, I now go for an apple or banana to accompany my latte.

I only order talls and grandes instead of ventis when I get my latte. I eat breakfast much more often than I used to and while Im ironically hungrier when I eat breakfast, I eat so much less throughout the day. When I order at restaurants, I go heavy on the veggies and light on the appetizers. Im not saying I havent had nachos here or a chicken finger there, but I probably have a better appreciation for moderation than ever before.

Ive learned so much in these last few months, things that maybe I knew but didnt really want to admit. I used to eat entirely too much. A good friend of mine told me something thats really stuck: Eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch and a pauper for dinner.

I always used to eat giant dinners, but now I realize I dont need to. Hell, I dont even want to anymore! Im allowed to stop eating when I feel full. And I feel full a lot sooner than I ever have. Im so glad Im realizing all of this now, so that Im aware of it and know how to manage it for the rest of my life.