Learning the Lessons that Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals


Its been a very weird week. I had about three events that had me eating out, one day having two meals out. I really did my best with the selections and Im proud of that, but Ive noticed its also very intimidating to order at a restaurant.

You sit and hope that the calories are in your allotment. For one meal, I ordered avocado quesadillas, figuring it would be cheese and avocado in a tortilla, how bad can it be? Well, when I got home I looked it up and it was about 900 calories bad. Yes, all in one meal.

The moral of my story, try to find out what restaurant you are going to and look up the selections before hand. Youll feel really empowered when you order and it will make your decisions easier. I also learned that at one restaurant the spinach and artichoke dip is 1500 calories on its own. I cant tell you how many times (before FGW) that I have ordered that to share with my husband, so I basically ate about 750 calories before my meal was even served. Horrible. Lesson learned though and knowledge is power!

As for exercise, Im doing just great. I worked out six days and upped my mileage on my long run to 6 miles. I plan on doing it again this week. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to Spin class all week, but I did get to my other love, the Whipped class. And BIG news; I ran in a 5K. I had my personal best running a solid 10-minute mile, which was exciting because I have three half marathons coming up. Very exciting!

Had another photo shoot which is always fun! Got to see Alanna and Fatou and they are looking awesome. It was so great to see them and motivating too. We cant believe how fast this program has gone! It will be weird not having a photo shoot and seeing them every month.

Oh, another great accomplishment, we have a three-day school week and normally I would just not go food shopping and rely on fast food – but not this girl! Going to tackle this week just as any other and go food shopping today and plan my meals. Planning meals is the key to happiness!!

Goals for this week:

    Be positive. No self-sabotaging. Erase any negative thoughts and replace them with positivity!!