How to Think Yourself Thin


You can learn a lot by watching a 3-year-old eat. She carefully inspects her food, smelling and touching it, before cramming it into her mouth. She pushes away her plate as soon as shes full. And she doesnt dive face first into a bag of Oreos because she feels lonely.

In fact, 3-year-olds are masters at “intuitive eating.” New research shows that the practice of mindfully listening to your bodys natural hunger cues—instead of dieting or emotionally eating—can help you lose weight and get healthier. Women who eat intuitively have lower BMIs than nonintuitive eaters; they also report higher levels of appreciation for their own bodies. Other studies show that mindful eating can reduce binge eating and lower cholesterol levels and cardiovascular-disease risk.

Anyone can learn to tap into inner food cues. Follow the links below for step-by-step secrets—and meet three women who lost big.

Your Think-It-Off Guide