America's Healthiest Restaurants: Shining Examples of Fast-Food Fare


Noodles & Company

Why does this Colorado-based chain top our quick-serve list? Noodles & Company combines 19 fresh vegetables with seven types of pastas in Asian, Mediterranean, or American entrees (think Indonesian Peanut Saute or Wisconsin Mac & Cheese).

We love: The Trio—soup, noodles, or salad paired with your favorite protein, plus a side salad or a cup of soup.

We love: Anything with the chipotle-adobo-marinated grilled steak.

cosi-225 cosi-225

Any chain that calls small appetizers “Shareables” has the healthy idea down. Cosis central theme—the hearth—yields tasty hearth-baked entrees (in the locations where they serve dinner), from Alpine Chicken to Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon. High marks for baby carrots as a substitute for chips to go along with sandwiches.

We love: The delicious, healthy fruit smoothies in a green tea base.

panara-bread-225 panara-bread-225

The bread is fresh and tempting (and you can go whole-grain). But look to Paneras soups for great low-calorie and low-sodium options. Fresh fruit cups and apples make for healthy sides, and we give the restaurant special kudos for offering kids meals that come with organic cheese and all-natural peanut butter.

We love: “You Pick Two” combos. You can get half a sandwich paired with a vegetarian soup

aubon-225 aubon-225

This chain boasts hormone-and antibiotic-free chicken. Plus, it provides a great nonfood nutritional tool: computerized kiosks available in most locations allow you to plan your meal and even sort the menu by your goal—whether it be high fiber and protein; or low carb, fat, cholesterol, sodium, or calories.