How to Avoid Slipping Back into Old Eating Routines


Something strange happened this week; I lost my appetite. Not permanently or anything, but with work being perpetually busy and life being a little more stressful than usual, I actually reached a point where I wasnt hungry.

This doesnt help at all because its a bit counterproductive, especially since Ive been getting into a pretty good routine of snacks between meals – or so I thought. It turns out I was just starting to fall into my old snacking routines, floating around my office and seeing who had junk that I could nosh on. I was beginning to justify it with “its only one cookie” and “I know I had a piece of chocolate earlier but its only one more.”

Its such a slippery slope. But when I wasnt hungry, I focused more on what I could and should be eating when it came time to eat. Ive been turning to a lot of soups and salads and the occasional chicken with brown rice (which you can get just about anywhere from Thai to Greek to Afghan restaurants).

Work has been nonstop so Ive been ordering out a lot, but I find myself coming home with leftovers that I can eat for lunch the next day.

The other thing that is so easy to do, yet so easy to forget, is to drink lots of water. I have a water bottle, but half the time I forget it or it ends up in my gym bag for days. I just need to focus on making it a factor in my routine. I know Ive only got about a month left of the program and I just want to start making all of the things I know second nature so I keep doing all of them. Its been such an enlightening experience and I now know that this is how I WANT my life to be.