All in or All out: Getting Down to Dealing with Real Food Issues


Ive got a sweet tooth that wont quit. Frustrating. Or rather, Im frustrated with myself. Although I continue to work out and see improvements in the way that my clothes fit (and the compliments I am getting – yahoo!), the scale wont budge.

I can only think that this is partially a result of the snacking that I cant seem to get under control. Ever since I got the taste of yummy food while I was on vacation six weeks ago, I havent been able to say no to anything decadent that comes my way (lets face it, I seek out a lot of it too).

Part of it is just dealing with the reality that I derive a perverse pleasure from dipping my fingers into a forbidden bowl of sweet treats. I know myself well enough now to know that is just not going to change. Before going on vacation, this whole adventure was still so new that I lived in fear of cheating on my diet, thereby risking poor results.

Now that Ive gained confidence (I know that I can do this and get results) and a healthy dose of reality (cold turkey isnt realistic for me), Im back to my old tricks. I realize that Ive avoided the toughest issue; embracing the concept of moderation. Its tough to do when youre the type of person that is all in or all out. Im not sure how to manage this, but at least Ive admitted it and can get down to dealing with the real issue.

In other news though, I ran a 15K race this weekend despite some wacky weather. Despite a slow start, I managed to pick up the pace and achieve another record. I was pretty happy and look forward to the next race next week.