Week 4: I Did It!


By Colleen

So I can now check a 10K off my bucket list. Yeah baby! I did it! What's more, I didnt just do a regular 10K. Nope. I was dragged into a mud-run 10K in which I had to belly crawl through mud under a wire maze, hold onto ropes overhead while desperately trying to balance on barrels to cross a body of water, and push my teammates' muddy tushies up a steep 15-foot hill because we will finish this race!

It was the most amazing race I have ever completed—and I still cant believe I actually did it. The morning started out rough, as I had to get up really early and drive nearly an hour to get there, which tied my stomach in knots. Little by little, the fear started to creep in: What if I cant keep up with my team? Because for some crazy reason I chose to be on a team with runners—you know, those people who can do a 7-minute mile without breaking a sweat (yes, I know, there's something wrong with me). What if I die? (A bit dramatic, I know, but I was nervous, people—and I like to be prepared.)

In any case, it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. Granted, I ran slower than my teammates, but I was actually able to keep up overall because I made up time on the obstacles. During training I had averaged a 9-minute mile, which is pretty fast for me (especially since I recently had a baby). During the running part of the race, though, my super-competitive nature took over and I whittled that down to between an 8- and 8 1/2-minute mile. I wasnt sure I could keep it up over the course of the race, but the adrenaline kicked in without fail at the start of each stretch of running. I kept telling myself to just "run with all you've got till the next obstacle." Then I would count down the markers—that really helped.

Plus, I had decided before the start of the race that I would run the whole race—no speed walking, no jogging, just actual running, giving it all I had so at the end I would know I'd done my absolute best. I think making that decision, along with having elite runners on my team, really pushed me much further than I thought I could go.

I cannot describe my excitement crossing the finish line. I count that as one of my all-time favorite moments! I succeeded in getting rid of all the self-doubting chatter in my head and just did it. Sometimes you just need to do something for you, not the hubby or the kids, but just for you. I am so proud I was able to accomplish this personal goal this year, and what made it even better was everyone at the finish line cheering me on as I crossed.

I can honestly say that I never could have done this if I hadn't been part of my team and committed to writing this blog. Both of those things held me accountable, and that was the key to my following through and completing my first 10K.

I am happy to say that my team has already decided we will run this particular race again next year (in costumes, no less!) and there have been rumors of a possible half-marathon in November. I'll be there, because if I survived the mud run, Im pretty sure I can survive anything!