True North Pistachio Crisps


Category: Savory snack

Crunch factor: Delectable crunch

Taste: Delicious—if you like pistachios. This is from a new Frito-Lay line of nut-based snacks with fancy bags and elegant advertising. The pistachio version (see our Peanut Crisp and Almond Crisp results) stands out: crispy hexagonal crackers flecked with lots of pistachio bits—nicely salted and rich tasting. Remarkably, the crisps capture the subtle but distinctive flavor of fresh pistachios (none of that heavy-handed marzipan flavor you often get in pistachio ice cream). This is not a flavor that could survive a strong cracker topping; this crisp should be enjoyed on its own. Has some of the oily texture of a Ritz, but firmer.

Overall score: Among pistachio lovers, a very good 4 out of 5. Among pistachio haters, just 2 out of 5.

The bottom line: There are 7 grams of fat in a 12-crisp, 140-calorie, 1-ounce serving—all but 1 gram of that coming from "good" unsaturated nut oils or sunflower oil.