Week 2: Run and Learn


By Colleen

It's Week 2 and Im alive and actually getting into a groove! Its nice to be able to type that. I mean, the first week is always easy, right? Mine was. I was full of excitement and had an "I can do this" spirit.

This week, though, I had the “Do you really think you can do this?” question running through my head—which cracks me up because I am so not like this with anything else. I have four kids, I own my own company, and that question never enters my mind. But running a 10K had always been a hill I was afraid to climb. Luckily, I decided to do this with a group of girlfriends; being part of a group is a great motivator!

What's more, this week we decided to run as a group. Everyone is following the Health training plan (having one is essential, by the way—there is something very satisfying about crossing off each day), and aside from a few scheduling difficulties (five women, 14 kids—it's tough), it was great.

Thursday was our day to run two miles at race pace. I knew my "place"—I am neither the fastest nor the slowest runner in the group—but that doesn't mean I was OK with it! I ended up running the entire time, making sure I was ahead of my slower-running girlfriends and even with (or just behind) the fastest girl. I was exhausted afterward, but felt pretty good about myself and finished at a better pace than I had expected.

Have I mentioned that I am super-competitive? Because of that, I have a hard time following the training plan exactly—I mean, if the schedule says to run at an easy pace, but I run and give it everything Ive got, Ill get better faster, right? Nope.

I did three of my four running days in a row this week. On Tuesday, thinking "more is more," I ran pretty hard, which set me up for a really tough time during my Wednesday run. Later on, my marathoner girlfriend set me straight, reminding me that the schedule is there for a reason and that if I follow it, I'll be able to do the 10K easily. Then she added that I would've done even better on Thursday if I had done my Tuesday run the right way—ouch!

Week 3 is nearly here and I cant believe I am already this far in. Sunday I ran my four "easy pace" miles, and it was the longest I had ever run. With five miles on tap for this coming Sunday, I have it in my head that if I can do that, Ill be able to do the race—after all, it's only one mile short of a 10K. One mile. Anyone can do one mile, right?