Surviving Vacation on a Diet Program


I cant believe Im through Week 3 of this program—time really does fly! Vacation was a lot of fun. I planned every meal but lunch (my husband and I totally forgot to pack food for lunch); I guess my brain was out to lunch when I went food shopping! I did plan for my breakfast, snacks, and dinner, though. Out of the seven days away, I had three meals that werent the best—not bad, if I do say so myself!

My Picky McPickerson definitely kicked in with a chip here, a fry there, and two lemonade slushies (yummy but sugary, I am sure!!). The scale may reflect my choices and thats okay. I left the guilt behind because I chose what I wanted to do at that time. I was aware of what I was eating and I continued to indulge. I am proud of myself for leaving the guilt behind. However, next time I plan on making more nutritious choices.

I also worked out five of the seven days: two days lifting with cardio and three days straight cardio. Every day was very active—going to the resort Woodloch Pines always is (think Dirty Dancing but in Pennsylvania). Each day there are tons of active games (Amazing Race, scavenger hunt, double dare, pool games, Olympics, building a catapult, etc…) and when the games are not going on you are swimming, kayaking, paddle boating, or running after an extremely active 21-month-old (in my case, anyway!).

This weeks goals:

  • Planning my meals while on vacation: I sort of met this goal, as I planned every meal but lunch. We are still trying to figure out how we messed that one up!
  • Working out: I met this goal by working out five of the seven days away.
  • No picking: I failed! I wish I had done better, but will definitely work on it!

This weeks challenge: Vacation
Overall, I believe the vacation was a success. I was definitely aware of my choices, and even when I didnt make the best choice, I was aware I was doing it (instead of unconsciously eating). Also, I kept my food journal five out of the seven days, which is a huge success. I wrote down every morsel of food (even the stuff I picked at), so I am very proud of myself—especially since journaling is a huge everyday challenge for me!