Love That Workout! willPower and grace


Our rating: 4 hearts

The workout: The program begins with a dance/yoga warm-up of stretches and strength-building postures. Then it moves to a cardio boot camp-style workout based on squats and lunges, with balance poses that incorporate arm movements for added intensity. And it ends with slow stretches as a cool-down. You're kept moving on bare feet throughout the entire 60 minutes.

The claim: The class offers a mix of high-energy dance and simple-but-challenging strength moves and stretches that are supposed to improve your functional strength and balance so you'll move better and more confidently through your day.

Reality check: The combo worked for our tester, who says the emphasis on balance "fundamentally changed the way I carry myself." She notices more power in every step she takes. The moves weren't hard to learn, she says, but they certainly made her (and everyone else in the class, including the instructor) sweat. And, as everyone tried to hold difficult balancing postures, the camaraderie was very motivating.

Expert take: This is a solid cardio workout. Plus, the emphasis on doing moves while barefoot is a good way to improve balance and body awareness.

Is it love? It is. Our tester has fallen head over heels for this sound, sweaty routine.

The bottom line: If you're as interested in having your body feel and work better in your daily life as you are in toning up, this could be a good fit.

willPower & grace DVD, $19.99; for class info or to order DVD.