Patience is a Virtue: I Wish I Had More of It


After the week (well, really just the weekend) I had last week, I was looking forward to getting back on track this week. Normally Id say something like, “I think I did a pretty good job, but maybe I indulged a little too much over the weekend.” I think the reality is, though, that none of this happens overnight, and maybe Im suffering from impatience. I cant convince myself that eating one cupcake or one black and white shake is going to ruin it all for me, but I remember reading an article in Time magazine that basically says thats the case.

My mother always said, “Patience is a virtue.” This isnt an uncommon sentiment among mothers, and surely shes not the one who coined the phrase, but Ive yet to find such a succinct message that carries so much meaning. This is the fourth week Ive been doing this program, and I find myself revisiting the reasons I chose to participate—not because I cant do it or its hard, but after having three weeks of seemingly significant success, I feel like I hit a wall this week.

Isnt it a little early to hit a wall? I worked out five days this week (including three grueling hours of volleyball in one evening), ate well (except for a third of a portion of sweet potato fries…and there was that black-and-white shake), and thought I was doing everything right. Now theres nobody telling me theres a right or wrong way to do anything except myself, and quite frankly, if having a milkshake here or there is wrong, then I dont want to be right. But I fell victim to what was basically described as most peoples downfall in that Time magazine article.

That black-and-white shake? I indulged immediately after my Spin class on my way home. Walked by a place in my neighborhood and COULD. NOT. STAY. AWAY. Sure, I want to give myself a little credit for ordering a small, and sure, it wasnt accompanied by the burgers and fries that this place specializes in (if you live in NYC, then you know the power of Shake Shack), but didnt it essentially defeat my great 45-minute ride earlier that day? Pretty much.

The article essentially explains how we all walk around with this pre-conceived, hearsay notion in our brains telling us that muscle weighs more than fat, and that it burns more calories than fat, so as long as Im muscular, I can burn more calories, so I can consume more calories! Well, not exactly. Not even close, actually. I wont bore you with the details, but it definitely makes you think about what you eat and when.

Will I continue to treat myself here and there? You better believe it. Can I imagine life without things I adore? Nope. But what do I really want right now? Results. Other people see them more than I do, and I know the first follow-up weigh-in and measurement-taking are right around the corner (since were nearing the end of the first month), so I want to make the most of this time I have now.

My trainer referred to this opportunity as my own Golden Ticket. And just like Charlie, Im gonna have to get all the way through the factory (so to speak) without becoming too distracted, because I know the other side will be amazing.