One Rough Week Does Not a Diet Make


The week started off pretty well. I made it to the gym Monday morning and had a great session with Nichole. She introduced me to the stair machine (level six) and I was surprised by how exhausted I was after only seven minutes! But its definitely worth it because I can feel the difference in both my strength and (especially) my energy level.

I got in a workout outside on Tuesday.

I felt sluggish on Wednesday and struggled to make it to the gym. But within minutes of arriving, Nichole had me lifting weights like a pro. Unfortunately, my lack of coordination became an issue when I hit myself on the back of the neck with the barbell. Im not going to lie: It was very painful and I had to cross my eyes and bite my tongue until the hurt went away. I managed to muscle through the rest of the workout, but by the time the afternoon came around, I had a serious head and neck ache.

The next three days were a blur, as I couldnt seem to shake the pain in my neck/head. Im certain a lot of it had to do with stress (deadline at work), but the result was that my both my workout regimen and eating suffered. My Wednesday cookie allowance somehow carried over to Thursday and Friday. I was tired, stressed and not feeling so great. so I turned to my old friend for comfort: cookies.

Without the drive to make my lunch in the morning before work, I easily fell prey to midday cravings for carbohydrates and sugar. I was disappointed in myself but lacked the energy to do much about it. This, of course, was compounded by the fact that I was bored with everything in my fridge and had been eating the same meal for two weeks and was more than sick of it….

The weekend was pretty much the same. I kept it pretty low key in the hopes of being able to tackle this coming week. Wish me luck!