How to Overcome any Type of Diet and Weight Loss Roadblock


What a week! I had the opportunity to meet with most of the Dream Team members for the Feel Weight Great Program and it was great! The photo-shoot was fun, and it was great to see Fatou and Alanna—they both look gorgeous, and its amazing to see us all progressing toward our Feel Great Weight goals.

Speaking of goals, my weight goal was changed (from 155 to 145) based on my measurements and height, and it took me by surprise. I was upset, very upset, and it was hard for me to handle. I didnt emotionally eat, I was aware of that, but I did notice a change in myself that I didnt like. I cant put my finger on it—it was almost an “I throw my hands-ups” type of feeling, kinda of like seeing a huge boulder in the road and trying to figure out how to get around it, but you cant, so you just throw up your hands and walk back to the starting line.

That feeling stayed with me for a few days, and now I am over it. Ill get to that goal weight come hell or high water. Didnt I say a few weeks back that I thought it would get harder before I got a handle on all this? Well, I was right!

Nevertheless, the destination wedding I mentioned in last weeks blog was fantastic! I ate my snacks and ran every day but one. Okay, I did partake in a few too many ales and some cheesecake BUT they were blueberry ales—do ya think it counted as my fruit?!

But I am back on track and stronger than ever, especially thanks to those friends at the wedding that I hadnt seen in over three months. The compliments I got from people were awesome! I couldnt believe how many people noticed my transformation. It was exciting and I felt good—not just because people were telling me how good I looked, but also because I felt great satisfaction that all the hard work that Ive been doing got noticed!

This weeks goals

  • Get more sleep. Do I need to even go here? I was able to get in at least three nights of good solid sleep!
  • Plan meals: I kicked butt this week, but Im keeping this on my radar until its a habit.

Next weeks challenge

  • My sons birthday party. But Im cooking, so I have total control—yay me!