How One Woman Lost Over Half Her Weight


NowBiking everywhere kick-started Sydney Pershings amazing 162-pound weight loss.

As a child, I was always at least 20 pounds overweight. And when I was 13, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Having seizures drained me, so I rarely felt like exercising. The cocktail of medica­tions only added to my size, and by the time I was 25, I was 287 pounds and depressed. That year, I asked a surgeon about weight loss-surgery. He told me I wasnt a candidate because I was morbidly obese and too unhealthy for surgery—I would have to shed some weight first.

weight-loss-success weight-loss-success , trading pizza for salads and lean protein.

By 2004, Id lost 122 pounds. My next step: I had a VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) device implanted in my chest to limit my seizures. It worked, and for the first time my epilepsy was under control. I also had more energy, so I added Pilates and swimming to my routine and lost another 40 pounds. Today, I am 162 pounds lighter!








Total lost:



From Heavy to Healthy time line:

Nice work, Sydney! Sydney is now a public relations representative for the VNS device and speaks at conferences and seminars. To help her look amazing in front of a crowd, White House Black Market is giving her a $500 gift card. Congratulations!