Hitting the Kitchen: New Tricks and Recipes to Spice up My Mealtime


This was definitely an abbreviated week since I lost almost a day in air travel and delays. So I decided to make the best of it and hit the gym hard. I got back on the cardio train with some interval running on the treadmill. Nichole had also devised some additional torture in the form of sprints on the rowing machine interspersed with push-ups (yeah, I can do them!), pull-ups and all lots of crawling around on the floor moving things from one place to the next.

I was definitely tired (and sweaty), but very pleased to see that I picked up where I left off a week before without too much trouble.

After a week of indulging in copious amounts of decadent foods, I was actually excited to get back on my food regimen. My stomach was awfully happy about this too. The croissants have been traded in for WASA crackers and the duck confit by grilled shrimp and baked chicken. Not too bad of a trade-off actually.

Per Marissas suggestion, Ive invested in some spices to liven things up a bit and get some different flavor profiles. Im hoping that this will keep the boredom at bay five weeks from now when I am bored with my usual menu. And yet again Ive dusted off my cookbooks (I took them out at the beginning of this adventure but never actually cracked them open) and plan to get creative in the kitchen.

There is actually a really good feature on FRESH DIRECT (my online grocery store) that allows you to peruse recipes and if youre interested in trying them out, itll automatically put everything in your virtual shopping cart. This week I splurged on salmon with mango chutney. I havent decided what night I am going to treat myself to this yummy meal, but Im definitely looking forward to it.