A Terrific Start to My Weight Loss Journey


I am still in complete awe that I was selected for the fabulous Health magazine Feel Great Weight Program. For someone struggling with their weight for most of their life, this opportunity is like when Charlie found the Golden Ticket!!! You want so badly for it to happen, and when it does, you cant believe that you were so lucky. Its simply awesome!

The first week was great. I met my trainer (Jessica), did the photo shoot, and worked with the nutritionist (Marissa), all of which was amazing. I love my trainer, Jessica—she is patient, kind and so knowledgeable. I know I will learn a lot from her even if she makes me wince once or twice in pain!

The photo shoot was so much fun. Two of my four sisters joined me and we enjoyed every minute. As the busy mother of two young boys, I rarely have the time for myself. To have a bunch of people fussing over you, fixing your hair and makeup, and generally making you feel glamorous and fabulous, was divine. It took some of the sting out of the fact that my photo session was for my BEFORE photos, and got me excited to know that I will get to really rock my AFTER photos.

My workout outfit was a bit scary, I must say. When I first heard that eight million readers were going to see me looking like 10 pounds of potato stuffed in a five-pound sack, I was slightly unnerved. But everyone was so nice, sweet, and fun—that plus the fact that I am getting an opportunity of a lifetime got me through it. By the end, this incredible team had made me feel so comfortable. My sisters were beaming with such pride that I felt like, heck take my pictures naked ! (Kidding—so kidding!)

As for Marissa, cant leave her out. I was so happy when I left her office, I couldnt wait to get started on eating healthy! I never had so much fun in one week, especially with the focus all on me. I mean, I am the youngest of five girls, so this attention is marvelous—as was the time I was given to concentrate on myself and my health. After all, in the long run, this is all about getting healthy, staying healthy, and being an active participant in my life and in my husbands and children's lives. And thats why Im smiling while I type this: That is how happy I am![ pagebreak ]

Overall program challenge
I believe my biggest obstacle for the entire program will be journaling my food, I have a mental block ingrained in my noggin about it—and after day four, the task already seemed daunting. Id rather clean a bathroom than write down what I eat each day.

Maybe its because I have to be accountable to myself and others, or maybe its because I am a visual learner and actually seeing what I am eating will be a shock. Or maybe because its time consuming. Perhaps its all three. In any case, it stinks.

But I know its supposed to work, and hopefully after a few weeks it will be a habit. Either that or Ill hire someone to journal and Ill clean their bathroom! With that being said, I am very determined to succeed and will not let that stand in my way. I will not let it overwhelm me, and I will work hard to make journaling a natural part of my everyday life.

This weeks goals
I met most of my weekly goals that my nutritionist set out for me:

  1. Be aware of portions
  2. Eat good carbs and fats
  3. Have 1-2 fun meals or snacks each week
  4. When you have a snack, put it on a plate
  5. No skipping meals, and eat every 3-4 hours

I failed to eat lunch and breakfast one day, and it really carried over into the next meal. I will try my hardest to never miss another meal again, mark my words!

This weeks challenge
I had three parties this week, and I am proud of myself for rocking them all! Parties are usually a free-for-all for me, just open the gates and start eating…but not this time. Each time, I was really aware of what I was eating. Granted, I did pick on the snacks more than I would have liked, but still, I did better around the food than I ever have in the past—so I am proud of myself!

I am excited about week two because as the weeks go on, I know I will get stronger, both mentally and physically. The resources that Health magazine is providing me with are fantastic, and if I dont conquer my weight issues during this program, shame on me. Education is power…right?

Weight Lost:
Drum roll please…. The trainer weighed me today, and after one week :
6.5 pounds lost!!! YEAH!!