950-Calorie Beverages, Extreme Skin Disorders, "Safe" Cigarettes, and How Money Can Ease Pain

  • On a hot summer day, sometimes we just can’t resist a delicious Starbucks Frappuccino. But the super-sized liquid calories can really add up. Here are some other ridiculously high-calorie beverages to avoid, and some healthier alternatives to try. [Divine Caroline]
  • Forget worrying about fine lines and blemishes: Check out these extreme skin issues. Seeing that skin is our largest organ, it makes sense that it’s also a site for so many strange things to go wrong, like a black hairy tongue, sprouting horns, or out-of-control nose growth. We couldn’t make this stuff up. [Mental Floss]
  • There’s a new trend in smoking—and there’s no smoke involved. Sucking on an electronic-cigarette, full of liquid nicotine, leaves no evidence behind. With less than one-fifth the amount of nicotine of tobacco cigarettes, and without most of the other chemicals, some people are calling them “safe cigarettes.” [Boston Globe]
  • Money on your mind? A series of six studies found that simply thinking about money can change the way we feel about emotional and physical experiences. Thinking about losing money can worsen physical discomfort and social rejection. On the other hand, imagining you're rollin’ in the dough can ease pain. [New York Times]
  • We are so thankful for calorie counts on menus: The friendly reminder is undeniably helpful in turning us away from Big Macs and foot-longs. But they may not as helpful as we thought. Turns out they can underestimate the actual calories, sometimes by as much as 40%! [Nutrition Data]