Cancer-Fighting Bread Crusts, Deadly Poppy Tea, and Anti-Aging in an IV

  • Remember the good ol' days of PB&J the way mom used to make it—cut into triangles, no crust? Good thing we're all grown up now: New research shows that an antioxidant naturally found in bread may help prevent cancer, and there’s eight times more of it in the outer layer! [NY Daily News]
  • Doctors are warning about a newly discovered form of HIV transmission: Three infants contracted the virus from eating food that had been pre-chewed for them by HIV-infected caregivers, researchers reported Monday. They ruled out other ways of transmission before concluding that the virus was most likely spread due to bleeding in the caregivers’ mouths. [Reuters]
  • We know all too well how contact lenses can dry out eyes—and how eye drops are messy, inconvenient, and inefficient: As little as 1% to 7% actually gets absorbed by the eye! Scientists are hard at work on a quick fix: contact lenses that dispense medication. [Wired]
  • A 19-year-old from Boulder, Colo., died Tuesday morning after drinking poppy pod tea with his brother. Purchasing poppy pods (usually over the Internet) is not illegal, but certain uses of the opiate can be. Drinking tea made from poppy seeds or pods is dangerous, and in some cases, fatal. The death is Boulder’s second related to poppy tea in only five months. [The Denver Channel]
  • We’re a little uneasy about the latest Hollywood anti-aging secret: It comes in an IV. Often used to care for burns and other skin wounds, ozone therapy—which pumps extra oxygen into the blood—has been around for a while. But with stars like Michael Jackson rumored to have used it, this bizarre Tinseltown trick is coming back into fashion. [MomLogic]