Meatless Monday Recipe: Eggplant Crostini


Eggplant can be an intimidating vegetable, with its bright purple skin and odd shape. But eggplant is actually a fairly easy vegetable to cook with and prepare, and there are plenty of recipes that go beyond the ever popular eggplant parmesan.

It's also low in calories (only 20 calories per cup) and a good source of dietary fiber. Often used as a meat substitute, you can swap eggplant for a hamburger patty in a burger or layer it on top of a pizza instead of pepperoni.

This vegetarian recipe is an Eggplant Crostini that can be made as an appetizer or light snack.

A multigrain bauguette is loaded with fresh flavors of Greek yogurt, garlic, mint leaves, pepper, olive oil, arugula, cherry tomatoes, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and eggplant. And, it's only 175 calories per crostini.

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Eggplant Crostini

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