At-Home Workouts: Our Review of a New Yoga-for-Weight-Loss DVD


Weight loss can start with a healthy diet and an intense cardio plan, we all know that. But don’t factor out those low-intensity workouts just yet. Yoga, for example, can help, too.

A new at-home yoga DVD lead by NYC-based yoga instructor Colleen Saidman, takes users through three 20-minute intervals of yoga poses that help promote weight loss.

Saidman fell in love with yoga after attending a class in 1987, and now, 26 years later, she celebrates the launch of her Gaiam fitness DVD, Yoga for Weight Loss (Amazon; about $12). I took a class with Saidman in NYC, but also tried her DVD.

“DVDs are a great way to start one's weight loss via yoga,” Saidman says. The 60-minute video focuses on a holistic approach to weight loss, and encourages a balance of the mind, flexibility, and strength exercises that may help burn calories.

She uses traditional yoga moves that focus on slower breathing and more thinking, and I felt like she held poses longer, which was great. In fact I felt the best I've felt after a yoga session in terms of feeling energized.

I consider myself an advanced beginner when it comes to yoga, and I think this DVD would work for anyone interested in losing weight.

“One fundamental component of losing weight is the mind-body connection, which comes from yoga,” Saidman says. “When you are ‘in tune,’ you make choices from the innate intelligence of the body’s needs.”

The workout even provides poses for specific hormones, such as a shoulder stand for the thyroid or headstand for pituitary because overactive or underactive hormones can contribute to overweight and obesity issues.

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