Yoga Mat Cleaning 101


Has your yoga mat seen one too many downward dogs? Emily Dalton, customer-service manager for Hugger-Mugger Yoga Products, inventor of one of the most popular mats on the market, recommends cleaning it about every other week to keep it sticky (in a good way).

For light cleaning, mix one part water with three parts mild soap (like Woolite) in a spray bottle. Spritz the mat, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth or towel.

If your mat is heavily soiled, fill the bathtub with cool water and add a drop of mild soap. Scrub with a soft cloth, soak for a half-hour, and scrub again. Rinse thoroughly. Place the mat on a dry towel, and roll them both up, jelly roll–like (so the mat is inside), to squeeze out excess water. Unroll mat, and hang up to dry.