Fight Flab With Ayurveda


Gaiam.comAyurvedic medicine originated in India more than 5,000 years ago—and even then healthy eating was important. John Douillard, PhD, host of the new DVD, Ayurveda for Weight Loss ($20), offers these three tips for shedding pounds Ayurveda-style.

1. Honor mealtime
Turn off the TV and step away from your desk when its time to eat. By focusing on your food, youll be less likely to overeat.

2. Eat seasonally
Seasonal foods eaten at the right temperature (warm when its cold, cold when its warm) may boost your metabolism. For example: Eat berries in the spring, chilled watermelon in the heat of the summer, warm steamed veggies in the fall, and chili or stew on those cold winter days.

3. Rethink dinner
Make it a small, supplemental meal, like soup or salad, and eat it before 6 p.m. This approach extends your bodys fasting time before breakfast and helps you burn more fat.