Love That Workout! 5 Exercise Routines to Light Your Fire


Singles searching for love now have Web- and speed-dating to help them sort through potential mates. But would-be exercisers aren't so lucky when it comes to finding just the right workout. It's no wonder so many give up hope—and exercising.

That's where we can help. We pored over all the hot new classes to find the five most promising ones with at-home elements (DVDs, videos, or books). Then we found five women in search of an exercise routine worth sticking to. We paired each with a workout, sent them to two classes per week for 6 weeks, and waited to see if any of them would fall in love.

Read on to see what happened. Who knows? You might just find a routine that'll become the new love of your life.

All grades are based on a five-heart scale, with five being the best. Our "Expert Take" is from Dixie Thompson, PhD, exercise physiologist and director of the University of Tennessee's Center for Physical Activity and Health.