Bethenny Frankel's 4 Tips for Finding a Feel-Good Workout


How many times have you vowed to exercise for an hour a day, every day? Three missed workouts later, youre feeling so downtrodden and defeated you avoid the gym for the rest of the month. Naturally Thin author Bethenny Frankel has been there too. Now her new DVD, Body by Bethenny, emphasizes feel-good workouts that you can easily incorporate into your life. She shares her top four tips for making fitness a healthy part of your life.

Think of exercise as a side dish. You wont lose any weight if you put in hours at the gym only to refuel with a platter of nachos. Your diet is the most important part of your weight-loss equation; it's your "main meal." Exercise can help you tone and tighten your body, but the real results come from making smart dietary choices.

Find something that makes you feel good. Look for exercise that quiets your food noise (that obsessive voice in your head nagging you about that extra slice of cake you had, or urging you to skip the salad and eat three slices of pizza). If squeezing in a fast and furious elliptical workout in between work meetings and getting dinner on the table only leaves you frantic, you may be better suited with a more calming form of exercise. So experiment! Ultimately the best workout for you is one that makes you feel grounded.

Mix it up. Most people dont enjoy eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. So why would you want to limit yourself to one type of exercise? Sticking to the same routine wont challenge your muscles—and youll grow frustrated at the lack of results.

Take advantage of your surroundings. Whats more depressing than holing up in a dark, dreary gym on a gorgeous day? Be flexible and allow yourself to enjoy activities that are good for both the mind and body—like taking a long walk with a friend on a sunny day, or trying a new sport on vacation.