When Life Throws a Curve Ball, be Ready at the Mound


This week was hard. I still worked out a good amount, but life threw a few unexpected events in my direction. I was handling the death of an incredibly close family friend who was basically the equivalent of my second father. He had been sick for a while, but there's no way you can ever prepare yourself for the death of a loved one.

A good portion of my week was spent with his wife, and we spent a lot of time, well, eating and drinking. If there's any upside to the situation, a lot of the food was surprisingly healthy: sliced veggies, baba ganoush, homemade soups, and quinoa salad. Sure there were breads and chocolate covered strawberries and other cookie type things around, but I consciously ate fewer of those things.

I still had to travel over the weekend for work, and I did just okay with my eating on the road. I went out with a friend on Friday night to an Asian fusion restaurant and we ended up splitting a bunch of plates that were delicious. At least it was small portions and I made sure we got a couple of delicious vegetable-only dishes to balance out the things like pork belly.

The next night, I ended up out with coworkers at a restaurant/bar that boasted to have the worlds largest selection of beer. Needless to say, there were fries involved. It never ceases to amaze me how bad I feel when I eat AND drink poorly. But I suppose Im still in that conditioning phase where I periodically forget that the aftermath isnt really worth the trouble, so I do the bad thing anyway. At least when I finally return home, I can control what I eat and always end up loading up on things like sushi, salads, and veggies and then at least feel like Im countering the damage I do on the weekends.

For the next couple of months, I really need to focus on my weekend decisions. Its always so easy to slip up once or twice every weekend when I should be controlling myself a little more than that. I want to finish strong and know that the changes Ive made both in my activity level and my eating habits will be changes that I keep in place for years to come.