Welcome to Health's Feel Great Weight Program


From Health magazine
Our mission: to help you find your own personal Feel Great Weight. What do we mean by that? Its not what you weighed when you fit into those ridiculously tiny jeans you wore in high school. Rather, its that happy, healthy, sane number you can actually maintain. Sure, itll take some work to get there, but the work is doable—and even fun—thanks to the insider info and support from the dream team of experts who put our plan together. Theyll guide you from every angle: what to eat, how to work out more efficiently, even how to dress for your changing body. Whats more, for the rest of the year, the dream team will offer new tips and encouragement each month as you follow the plan in Health magazine and on Health.com. Plus, youll see the transformations of three lucky readers whove signed up to follow the plan and finally get the bodies they want). Isnt it time you said yes to feeling great? OK, then, lets go!

Meet Our Weight-Loss Candidates