Week Two: Hitting a Bump on the Road to Weight Loss


By Julie

My second week on the program coincided with my stepson's arrival to stay with us for a few weeks. Just as I had started to get into a groove with my meal planning, this threw me for a bit of a loop.

All of a sudden I have to cater to another selective eater, one who clearly prefers junk food to healthy meals. I just need to try and stay focused, because usually after the first week things tend to settle. I'm experimenting with some foods (such as flaxseed meal and quinoa) that I would normally not think to buy. I am also trying really hard to drink a lot more water and a lot less juice and coffee-type beverages.

The workouts are going well and I feel I'm getting into a good routine with my trainer. I'm amazed by how weak my core is—and it's crucial for me to strengthen it to avoid another lower back injury derailment like I've had in the past.

I've been given a reminder of how you pretty much need a strong core to do just about any exercise correctly, from a push-up to a squat. My muscles have been a little sore but thankfully not as much as I had anticipated. That said, even a little soreness makes my cardio workouts more challenging…but I tell myself to push through it. That is how I will see results, and I look forward to seeing some of the physical changes in a few weeks!