Week Three: Weight Loss Is a Balancing Act


By Julie

Week three seemed a bit off kilter with the disruption of my routine. I've been very good about my water intake and breakfast/snack choices, but dinners this week leaned a lot more toward 'tween-friendly foods like Italian meatballs and pasta and meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

I do the majority of the food shopping and cooking for my family so I CAN make this work, but I am struggling with how to please others at dinnertime. The boys are true carnivores and my past attempts at trying healthier substitutes (like ground turkey for beef) for certain dishes have failed. Must. Keep. Trying.

But I have had some successes, like limiting bread to two slices a day (or less) and limiting pasta to no more than two times a week.

Since I started buying flavored seltzer water, I'm drinking a lot more water—and so are my husband and stepson. The scale hasn't budged much, but I have noticed that some of my clothes are fitting a bit looser.

Workout-wise, Justo turned up the knob this week—as I had been warned. He is determined to make me a lover of the push-up and squat, and yesterday's series of lunges have my legs screaming "NO!". But I know its starting to work because I am seeing (and feeling) more muscle tone.

Strengthening my core continues to be top of the list as my lower back quickly fatigues. Justo has given me a series of "Greasing the Groove" exercises and stretches to help balance out some of my muscle tension.

My neck and shoulder muscles are pulled tight as a drum from cycling, carrying my toddler around, and just daily stress. I'm trying to make the stretches a habit (when I remember to do them), but the start of each week is another opportunity to improve—so let's move on to week 4.