Week Six: Travelin' girl


By Julie

I initiate every vacation with the best of intentions. This week I managed to get in my workouts, but the meals-on-the-go were really tricky. And when on vacation in an unfamiliar place with extended family and three kids, the dreaded McDonalds WILL be patronized.

Under normal circumstances I would never step foot in the Golden Arches more than once or twice a year, but in one week we stopped in three times—to my stomach's displeasure. But when you're beyond hungry in an unknown location. it's the known you are drawn (or forced) toward. The first two times, I went for the Southwest Salad with grilled chicken and very light on the dressing. Not a totally horrible choice. But the third time was an "express" location with no "lighter" fare and my hunger won out with the Quarter Pounder. Readers, let me tell you the discomfort your GI tract will experience if you eat one of those after having cultivated a healthier diet. Lesson learned: Pack portable snacks to carry you until healthier food can be had (and expect it may take awhile).

But all was not lost. By mid-week I had stocked up on almost all my snack basics, and after a light meal or two I was feeling myself. Dinners out were still tricky but I managed to make better choices—and next time we go away I will do more research on restaurants. Of course, though, it helps to know what the agenda is first!

What I am happy to report is that I managed both of my "take away" workouts and got in three 30-minute runs. Fingers crossed that I managed to even out for the week. In preparation for return home I arranged for a same-day grocery delivery, so we're stocked with the good stuff and tomorrow the counter resets to zero. Hoorah!