Week Seven: Back again


By Julie

This week did not have a stellar start. No sooner had we arrived back from vacation than my back went out. The old injury strikes again! I felt the first twinges last week, but stretching and regular doses of ibuprofen seemed to do the trick. But by this past Tuesday I was almost completely immobilized, which meant no cardio sessions and a postponed trainer workout. And bless my trainer, Justo, for the text messages checking up on me. I spent two days doing a LOT of stretches and massage in order to make the end-of-the-week session—and even then Justo spent a good chunk of time just trying to loosen my muscles up. This is a lesson to be learned about complacency: I've been feeling stronger, so I slacked off on my back exercises. The muscles do not forget!

My back is finally feeling a bit better and I've managed another cardio session, but I wonder what the tipping point is. I need to really listen to what my body is telling me so I'll know when to push it and when to pull back.

Ironically, my relationship with food seemed easier this week. My stepson returned to the UK early in the week so meals have returned to normal. And after watching the movie "Food, Inc." my resolve has strengthened to eat fresh foods that aren't processed. I am trying to adhere to Marissa's policy of not buying anything that lists more than five ingredients on the package and it's NOT easy. For example, you would think that whole wheat pasta just has whole wheat in it right? Wrong! Read some of the labels and see for yourself what unpronounceable things can be added to it. It's mystifying. And for that reason I prefer to order the bulk of our groceries online, where I can take my time to read the nutrition information after my toddler goes to bed. Call it the placebo effect if you will, but I physically feel better when I'm educated about what's going into my and my family's bodies.

As I mentioned, my back is on the mend so I've got plans for a strong wrap-up to the second month of the feel great weight program!