Week Four: One Month into the Program and My Clothes are Getting Loose!


By Julie

As my first month on the feel great weight program wraps up I have a lot of things to reflect on. I have been doing well about keeping an "honest" food log and I'll admit there is definitely room for improvement.

Snacking and mindless tasting are still weak points even though I have done well with making healthy meal choices. Being aware of the habit is the first step, and I need to be more aware and do better in the coming months.

Still, I have to remind myself that lifestyle changes don't happen overnight and that I need to give myself credit for the positive steps I've taken and continue on. I did meet some of the goals Marissa and I set at the beginning of the month, like cutting down on pasta and bread, and controlling portion sizes. Oh, and serving enough veggies to take up half the plate (not always fun or easy).

And this week I saw some good things happen with my workouts. Justo made one of the workouts a boxing session—that not only kicked my butt but was also a lot of fun.

I felt like I was learning a new dance, and my mind had to race to both keep up with the steps as he called them out AND maintain good form. My entire torso was sore the next day, allowing me to get acquainted with some muscles I hadn't known existed.

The finale of the week was my second set of girth measurements, and I saw some improvement there—enough that a few snug clothing items now fit loosely (even though I haven't seen much movement on the scale). Hooray!

So what have I learned from the first month on the program? To be proud of what I have accomplished and recognize where I can improve. I didn't set a lot of concrete goals for the first month since I didn't know what to expect.

Now that I'm a few weeks in I can see where I need to step things up. I definitely need to reign in on snacking and do more cardio during the week. My twice weekly 2-1/2 mile runs are not enough. and with family visiting I haven't been on my bike in a few weeks.

Over the next two weeks I have an even bigger challenge (and routine disruption): more family arriving from the UK and then…vacation! I'm trying to not be anxious about the "what if's" and just be prepared and stay focused. Fingers crossed!