Week Four: More Travel, More Diet Challenges


By Sarah

Today I am writing from the Minneapolis Airport. I just spent a lovely long weekend with my family. I ate pretty well, went for a swim, and ran around the lake with my little sister.

But now I am tired and cranky and getting stressed about the unread emails piling up in my work inbox. And wowza do I want to eat! As I walked to the gate just now, I dreamed up a fantasy snack: half a burrito, half a cheesesteak, and an oatmeal raisin cookie. And a milkshake. I settled for a Light Frappuccino which tastes pretty much like a milkshake I guess.

It was a close call! What would have happened if there hadn't been a Starbucks? Or if were just a little bit grouchier? I might have made an IRREVERSIBLE MISTAKE. Okay, I am kidding of course, but this type of situation does often result in me eating something I regret. I'd love to get to a place where I can handle a stressful or unhappy moment without needing to eat….