Week Five: Twists and Turns


By Dawn

The great thing about "the future" is that you never really know what it has in store for you. Take this week, for example: Thanks to a particularly challenging work week, staying on track with my personal commitments to my health proved most difficult—I was tugged and pulled into all sorts of situations that both interfered with my workout schedule and eating routine, and upped my stress levels. But in a strange way, this all made me even more determined to stay centered on ME this week—despite what was going on around me. So you know I suffered.

I came to work on Monday loaded with my workout gear in anticipation of my 7:30 pm workout with Tehera. By 11:30 am, I knew I wasn't going to make that session. Why would I think my schedule would be manageable with my boss out on vacation? And this was again a week in which I had to put in double time at the gym to make up for the days I missed earlier in the month while traveling.

This was also the week in which I had our monthly photo shoot for this program and follow-up meeting with Marissa, the RD, to weigh in and discuss my past month's eating habits.

Well, l got it ALL done. Had to miss Monday's workout, but I made it into the gym every other day this week—I just made sure the sessions were before work. On to the photo shoot. Hair, makeup, being photographed—all the things a private person like me loves, right? Especially when I'm being photographed in clinging workout gear that emphasizes every lump, hump, and bulge. But hey, this is the process, right?

The best revenge will be when I can say goodbye to images of that "other" me for good. This inspires me even more to stay on the path of righteousness regarding this process—at least until the next temptation rears its ugly head.

My visits to Marissa are always informative and calm. She doesn't scold or lecture, and actually makes me feel as if I really can get a handle on this healthy eating lifestyle thing. The sense of optimism and possibility is infectious. I CAN do this. And the whole three pounds (!!) I lost is proof I'm doing something right. Not something to post on Facebook yet, but not bad, considering I've gotten a late start on my regimen.

Most surprising for me this week was that I dared to share some of what I'm doing with a few select people whom I know would never judge or harrass. And the support and encouragement I got from them was so heartwarming, so inspiring, that I'm glad I took the chance. Now I've got some sideline warriors helping me along on my journey, with encouraging texts, patient listening ,and even gentle prods to keep me on my path. I am so grateful for them—and so grateful for the opportunity to have a do-over regarding my weight. It's a nice note on which to end a taxing week.