Week Five: Debbie Dieter (Wah Wahhhh!)


By Sarah

This is going to be a whiny blog post. But before the whining commences, I have to say that things are going really well! As of last week, I have lost around seven pounds and two percent body fat. I am really pleased with the first month. I think my waist looks smaller and today I noticed my wrists look smaller! Could that be?!

And now to whine…. I know the goal is to not feel like you're on a diet, but instead to develop healthy habits that you can maintain your whole life. But I definitely feel like I am on a diet—and it stinks. It seems like I am not even myself.

Do you know that SNL sketch about Debbie Downer? She bums everyone out and they play that noise like wah wahhhhh! That noise plagues me. My roommate asks if I want to have a beer with her and I have to consult my calendar to calculate how many more drinks I might potentially have this week. Wah wahhhh! My coworkers are going for tacos on Taco Thursday, and I stay at the office and eat the salad I brought for myself. Wah wahhhh! I can't go out after a show and hang out with the band because I have to get up early to go to the gym. Wah wahhhh! I went to a Yankees game and brought along a turkey sandwich. I weigh my portions on the postage meter at work! What's the point of getting in shape if you're going to be a total loser?

Now, I understand that I am being a baby. Of course some sacrifice is necessary, and the payoff will be huge—it's already started! So how can I adjust my thinking (and eating) so that this doesn't feel so difficult and unpleasant? I'm looking forward to discussing this with Marissa next time I see her. Until then I will certainly keep working hard and trying to have a good attitude!