Week Eight: Ready, set, goal!


By Sarah

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting with Marissa, so I took a few minutes just now to look back at the last four weeks. I tried to see how well I've met the goals she gave me, as well as isolate any specific problems and questions I have. Here are some of the goals we've discussed and my thoughts on them:

Goal 1: Eat even more vegetables! I've been working hard on this one, trying for every single meal and snack to have a fruit or vegetable. I'm actually having an easier time adding fruit because it doesn't require preparation like most vegetables do. I could especially use some more fruits and veggies on the weekends—that's a good sub-goal I think.

Goal 2: Watch my portions at restaurants and parties. As I mentioned last week, I'm feeling pretty good about this one! haven't done a great job with self control, but I have managed to avoid getting completely stuffed like I frequently did in the past. Marissa suggests leaving a few bites behind, and while that's hard for me to do (I hate wasting deliciousness!) it does feel better. Eating slowly helps too.

Goal 3: Have no more than two servings of bread per day. This one is hilarious because when Marissa and I first met and we talked about bread I said, "I hardly ever eat bread." But we realized looking at my first month's food logs that in fact I eat a ton of bread! And I have had a really hard time cutting back. I have identified two main culprits that I'm hoping Marissa can help me eliminate or replace: One is that I've been eating an afternoon snack most days that involves Wasa crackers. I don't even like them that much, so they can totally go, but I think I should replace them with some other sort of carb. Also my most reliable Healthy Meal On The Run tends to be a turkey or roast beef sandwich on wheat bread with a piece of fruit. I need to come up with some less bready alternatives.

I also plan to get some help with how to indulge in a planned, thoughtful way, rather than just allowing myself to slip up (whoops!) a few times per week. I think that might be the key to feeling more satisfied and less deprived, and will hopefully minimize epic whiny blog posts. I will report back next week with some new goals.

And in other news, just 19 days until my triathlon!!