Week 20: Reasons to celebrate


By Julie

This was a stressful work week for me, but it was punctuated by some good results. I had my annual physical and my stats are excellent: good blood pressure, good cholesterol and I've lost a total of 18 lbs since my checkup last year. So I'm feeling pretty good and very healthy. It's taken a long time but slow and steady is not a bad thing.

Work stresses have been sky high this past week, thanks to late nights at work, freelance deadlines to meet, and the overall feeling of rushing from point A to point B. I've got a few more weeks to go on the freelance project, so this feeling isn't likely to end for a while and I need to manage it better. It's like my mind is preoccupied with so many other things that focusing on what is going into my mouth is secondary. I did fairly well during the work week but the weekend—with a night out and some splurges—was a bit harder!

I managed two workouts with Justo and a run on my own. Even when I feel like I am not accomplishing much in the exercise department Justo is there to comment on how strong I've gotten or how defined a muscle group is looking. Everything does feel trimmer, especially my upper arms. Maybe I will finally rid myself of the chicken wings! Joking aside, I feel the difference and I know that if I continue this long-term, maintaining my ideal weight should be doable.

I have another grueling week ahead of me, so planning will be crucial. If only I could squeeze a few more hours into the day, I would feel more prepared!