Week 20: Keeping it real


By Sarah

As the end of the month approaches, I'm starting to get nervous again. My last weigh-in was so disappointing that I've really been focusing on the scale this month. I weigh myself pretty much every day, sometimes both before and after I work out. And while I know this is not recommended behavior, it's actually shown me just how much my weight can fluctuate without it meaning anything at all. If I eat badly or have a few drinks, the scale shoots up several pounds in a single day! And if I do a really hard interval workout, I can lose as much as two pounds just from sweating. Little things matter, too: I'm heavier when my hair is wet than I am when it's dry, for example.

So I've learned that it's important not to get too stressed out about each day, but rather to keep an eye on the overall trend. I have a goal of 169 for Thursday when I see Marissa. I have no idea whether or not I'll hit it (and it makes me even more nervous that I've put it out in the public like this, but there it is!), but it's been a good motivator all month long.

On a side note, I am going home to Minnesota to visit my family next week. I've been looking for fun ways to fit exercise into my trip (to make up for the extra eating I'm certain to do), and I found a 10K race around the lake near my grandparents' house. So I signed up, plus got my mom and brother and sister and two uncles to sign up with me. I am so excited to have them along for this fun challenge!