Week 19: Eureka!


By Sarah

As we approach the end of this program, I've started to worry about how I will keep my motivation without all the amazing support I've had. I began brainstorming and researching, and found something perfect! In five months I'll be doing an Olympic-distance triathlon as part of Team in Training. That's a bit more than double the distance of the sprint tri I did a few months ago, so it should be a challenging goal to work toward. I'll have a team and a coach, and together we will train for the race and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It sounds like an incredible organization and I'm so excited to be involved!

In the brainstorming process I also came up with tons of other fun possibilities for my exercise future—some more far-fetched than others. I could sign up for tennis lessons. Or dance class. Surfing? Martial arts?! Trapeze?!?! Once I started thinking of exercise in terms of potential hobbies instead of a lifelong chore, my outlook definitely brightened.