Week 18: Good stuff


By Julie

I realize I've been whining for the past few weeks and have neglected to mention some of the good things that have been happening. For one thing, I got my son to eat squash—and a lot of it. What's more, when my son decides to run like the wind at his weekly soccer class I can actually keep up with him. And can my boy run! We've started playing this game in which I run after him and "pretend" to catch him, and I'm always amazed at how long he can keep the gig up. Lately I've noticed I can keep it up too and not feel winded at all. Once I even outran him. Incredible!

I had a really strong week, getting all of my cardio and strength sessions in. I've noticed a change in my workouts with Justo and finally figured out his master plan for me. While I haven't been losing tons of pounds, he's got me lifting really heavy weight so I pack on the muscle. That is what will get my 38-year old metabolism chugging and make my weight loss easier to maintain long-term. I've noticed I now use the same amount of weight—and do the same number of push-ups—as many men do!

I've been feeling a little tense, so treated myself to a full body massage. Interestingly, the therapist mentioned that working all the kinks out may make my workout more effective; I'll have to see if it does. That wasn't my only treat, though; I also bought a few things at Lululemon to keep my workouts colorful and—hopefully—motivating!

I did alright with food this week. I had to bake cupcakes for a work party, but instead of keeping the extras in the house, I sent some to the office with my husband and the rest to my son's school. (What preschooler doesn't love being handed a decorated cupcake for no reason?) Better to let a bunch of 2- and 3-year-olds burn off the sugar than have temptation staring me in the eye at home. I fully indulged in my cheat meals over the weekend, but I think it's good to "psych" my body out once in awhile. Dinners out and alcohol are a rare treat for me, but I didn't go overboard.

My plan now is to finish the last two months really strong—plus really work on my running to keep up with my little runner-in-training!