Week 17: Sub-170


By Sarah

My measurements last week were as expected: I made almost no progress this month. It was discouraging, but also a good motivator. I really needed a kick in the butt to get my focus and determination back. I've decided to challenge myself to get down to 169 by next month—which would be the lightest I've ever been as an adult. And now that I've made the challenge public I have all the more incentive to get there!

In other news, I've been struggling so much with food and drink that I've hardly talked about my workouts at all…but they're going great! I don't always like exercising, but I've done a pretty consistent job of making the time to get to the gym 5 or 6 times a week. I whine and complain through each training session, but really, I've made tons of progress. As I get stronger and more fit it even seems I improve more quickly than I did at the beginning. It's so satisfying to master and move past exercises I totally failed at the first time I tried them. I still can't do any push-ups (I'm no Julie, the push-up queen!), but that's just something to look forward to!