Week 16: No one Said It Would Be Easy


By Dawn

My back still hurts, but whatever—Im moving forward and my back needs to realize it has to come along for the ride. Encouragement from others really helps propel me forward. Friends, colleagues, and family who know about the feel great weight program have been showering me with support and good wishes. I find that I am beginning to feel less mortified at being so public about my weight loss, and it empowers me to realize that I now have my own cheering section of people who truly wish me well on my journey through this program.

Ive been told Im brave, that Im inspiring, that Ive motivated friends to make some healthy changes in their lifestyles. Me? Theyve got to be kidding. But I do like the thought that something positive that Im trying to do for myself might have a ripple effect for others. It never occurred to me that I might be helping others by helping myself in this way. I have to admit, I like the concept.

Back in the gym with Tehera (my trainer), I share with her that I realize Ive got to step up my effort. More has to be done on my own, aside from the structured time that I spend with her, if Im going to start to see the results I want in earnest. While I know this to be true, I do wonder how in the world Im going to find the time and stamina to do more. I reason that I manage to find the time to do lots of other things that I truly WANT to do, so Ive just got to WANT even more to be fit and fab. Its that simple—and that hard.

But rather than be depressed by this realization, Im actually invigorated and motivated by it. Im steering this ship, and any course corrections will be made by me. The small victories Ive experienced recently can increase exponentially with increased focus and effort. Sounds great in print, right? Well, it's time to put dreams into action. Translation: Put it in gear, girl, and make it happen! Stay tuned…