Week 16: A New Level


By Julie

How did another week just roll by? I am the busiest I think I have ever been, and yet I'm still trying to squeeze more hours into the day. Miraculously, food has NOT been on my mind and I've had minimal problems with stress eating. Some type of internal shift has occurred and my cravings are down—which is so odd because just two or three weeks ago I felt constantly hungry. Is this part of the program?

I did better than last week with workouts (of course, anything is better than nothing) but not as well as I had hoped. At the moment, I'm constantly running on all cylinders, so I have less energy left over for the workouts. Correction: I have less energy to get up at 5:20 a.m. to do the workouts. The crunch promises to continue over the next few weeks, so if I can keep my head above water, getting back to normal will be a smooth transition. I feel a little guilty about skimping on the exercise, but right now so much of my day is about work that I need to spend what little free time (and energy) I have with my family.

Of course there is also less time available to plan and cook meals—but I'm making sure I have the essentials stocked. I had to pat myself on the back this past week: I was heading home on the subway after a long day and I was starving. I actually stood in front of the platform newsstand weighing all the snack options—all of which, of course, were junk. I mentally debated for a few minutes, then finally decided none of the options was worth the fat/calories/guilt and that I could hold out until I could grab a healthier option. Did I really do that? You bet I did!

Another crazy busy week is ahead of me and as I type this I am trying to not think about how tired I feel. My next weigh-in is in a few days, so I have to keep chugging along.