Week 15: Reset Button


By Sarah

Last week was just as bad as I predicted it would be. I was disorganized, busy, and stressed out. I made a couple bad food choices and the subsequent guilt made me feel even more stressed and less focused. I wrote almost nothing down in my food journal. I could not wait for the weekend to come so I could hit the reset button and get things in order.

Friday night I stayed in and went to bed planning to get up early and go for a swim before my busy Saturday began. And believe it or not I DID get up early on Saturday! I ate a banana, grabbed a coffee, and headed to the gym. But when I got there, I realized I'd forgotten to bring my lock, swim cap, and goggles—in other words, pretty much everything I need to go swimming. Good one, Sarah. I stood in the locker room, getting angrier and angrier with myself, and then I headed to the steam room, stayed there for a while, took a long shower, and got a pedicure. It was wonderful. It might have been what I needed more than a swim, in fact.

So, my reset button pushed, I proceeded to have a fun and productive weekend. Today I feel calm and confident and ready for a healthy week ahead. Next weekend I'm flying to San Francisco for a music festival. That will certainly pose some challenges, but I'm really excited for it nonetheless. I've already looked up how to get to the nearest Equinox gym from my hotel, and I've started brainstorming strategies for navigating the festival food. One splurge I'm saving up for is a burrito! I can't wait!