Week 15: Bad and Good


By Julie

Oh dear. This wasn't my most productive week, due to a cold I caught from my son. Who says toddlers don't know how to share? The upside to feeling unwell is that when nothing smells or tastes good you don't want to eat much of it. So aside from some large doses of orange juice, I fared pretty well in the food department.

But the workouts, oh how they suffered. I mean, who wants to exercise when you can't breathe? Justo tried to fit me in later in the week but we had multiple schedule conflicts. Fortunately, the cold seems to be a fast-passing bug and I know I can make up the workouts next week. Or so I think.

Very shortly my time management skills will be put to the test with a crunch deadline at work AND a big redesign for an independent side project. A little voice is telling me to rest up and start preparing in advance. I think some batch cooking is in my immediate future to get through the next few weeks. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel any of the guilt I normally do when I miss a workout or two. And I received a reward this week for all my previous efforts: My former "skinny" jeans fit! They are by no means "skinny" jeans in the literal sense, only a fave pair that hasn't fit in several years. It's good motivation, but I hope by the end of the FGW program that those jeans are too big for me. So there's true motivation to get back on the horse! My gym bag is packed for the morning, so that's a start….