Week 14: Stronger


By Julie

It's Week 14 and I'm starting to feel like I'm hitting my stride. I haven't followed the plan to a "T" but somehow I feel a bit lighter and a LOT stronger. The difference in my energy levels is tangible and for someone who has always had a lethargic streak, that is huge. My weekdays start between 5 and 6 a.m., and yet the dreaded afternoon sleepy hour has almost disappeared. I've made a conscious effort to go for a walk at lunchtime, too, so I'm sure that helps. Keep things moving.

Most of my eating this week was on track, but as I mentioned in last week's blog, there has been a huge surge in my hunger levels, especially in the first half of the day. I'm hoping this is a sign that my metabolism is revving up; in any case, I'm packing more healthy snacks on my lunch bag. Whereas an apple used to be a good mid-morning munch, I now need to add some peanut butter to it. I'm trying to keep my calories in line but that might become difficult if this hunger surge continues.

The workouts are getting, well, heavier. This week Justo had me curling 20-pound dumbbells and at first I thought there was a mistake with the weight. But no! I can actually curl 20 pounds on one arm. It's not super-easy, but I can do it. And my upper arms feel radically different—firmer and smaller, with less of what I call "chicken wings". Those push-ups definitely have their function. And as always, I have to execute every move with mental awareness of my core/back.

The weekend was a bit of a mess but not a total washout. I feel like I'm doing well enough that I can maneuver the bumps and get back on track.