Week 14: Order!


By Sarah

Do you find that order in one part of your life spreads to all the other parts? I do. If I've got a tidy calendar, a stocked fridge, and a clean house, I find I also wake up earlier, floss my teeth every night, eat responsibly, and get more done at work.

I'm in dire need of some order. Last night I slept on my bare mattress next to my heap of clean laundry. I woke up too late to go to the gym, I didn't wash my hair, I made dinner plans I didn't really have time for, and I improvised a huge pot of something that can only be described as Vaguely Chinese Vegetables and Tofu with Overcooked Brown Rice. So that will be my lunch for the next eight days. I have to go to a show every night after work and have no idea what I'll eat for dinner. I'm behind at work, my desk is a mess, and I'm going in late tomorrow because I'm apartment hunting. I have not set myself up for a successful week. Wish me luck.