Week 13: Old Habits


By Sarah

Yesterday I ate like a monster. I went out for breakfast and then spent all day out at a street fair in my neighborhood, where I ate a giant barbecued pork sandwich and a giant slice of church lady cake. And right as I was about to go home I got a text message from my boss inviting me out for Mexican with him and his wife and their friends. Add drinks throughout.

Today I'm feeling pretty disappointed with myself. I was really caught off guard by how easily I completely reverted to old habits. I went on an epic bike ride all day Saturday, then woke up Sunday with a dangerous feeling of "I deserve to eat whatever I want!" didn't even think about portion sizes or fruits and vegetables. And it wasn't at all what my body needed after the bike ride! In fact this morning (Monday) I had such a belly ache that I had to stay home from the gym and from work. What a bummer. Lesson learned (again). Don't get cocky, Sarah!